OPINIÓN: EU está entre la espada y la pared por Siria, problema ‘infernal’ El gobierno estadounidense se enfrenta al difícil reto de buscar una justificación y el respaldo internacional para intervenir en Siria Por Peter Bergen Martes, 27 de agosto de 2013 a las 14:45 0 LinkedIn 207 Compartir Email La violencia en Siria mantiene […]

Syria plunging Mideast into sectarian war? By Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland updated 1:22 PM EDT, Wed September 4, 2013 Children run past tents at a Syrian refugee camp in Yayladagi, Turkey, on Tuesday, September 3. The U.N. refugee agency said that the number of Syrians who have fled their war-ravaged country has risen to […]

Obama on war: A realist and risk taker By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst updated 8:06 PM EDT, Mon September 2, 2013 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Peter Bergen: Obama’s hope had been to end wars in Middle East By sending issue to Congress, Obama seeks to make war harder to launch, Bergen says Bergen: Obama lacked […]

Al Qaeda’s potent force in Syria By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst updated 6:28 AM EDT, Fri August 30, 2013 Turkish fighters with an al Qaeda-linked group hold positions in April in the Syrian village of Aziza outside Aleppo. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Peter Bergen: U.S. may be reluctant on Syria due to role of al […]

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013 Politik Aus bin Ladens Schatten, FOCUS

Präsentiert von Drucken FOCUS Magazin | Nr. 33 (2013) Politik Aus bin Ladens Schatten Montag, 12.08.2013, 00:00 · von Peter Bergen dpa Alarmstufe Rot: Aiman al-Zawahiri (hier 2004 bei einem Auftritt im arabischen Sender al-Dschasira) rief sein Terrornetzwerk zu Attacken auf. Die USA schlossen daraufhin zahlreiche Botschaften. Wie mächtig ist der neue Fürst des […]

For U.S., Syria is truly a problem from hell By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst updated 8:53 AM EDT, Tue August 27, 2013 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Samantha Power’s Pulitzer-Prize winning study found U.S. very slow to fight evil regimes Peter Bergen: Her work is a perfect description of U.S. dithering on the Syria crisis U.S. […]

A post-Christian Middle East? By Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland updated 5:57 PM EDT, Thu August 22, 2013 Christians targeted in Egypt STORY HIGHLIGHTS Christians have been targeted in Egypt, Syria and Libya Bergen: Egypt’s Christians largely supported the coup that overturned Morsy regime In turn, Christians have been attacked by Islamists over the past […]

Al Qaeda leader’s ‘I told you so’ on Egypt By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst updated 2:17 PM EDT, Thu August 15, 2013 People reach for a coffin on Thursday, August 15, during a funeral for policemen killed during a crackdown at two protest camps in support of ousted President Mohamed Morsy yesterday in […]

What’s behind timing of terror threat By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst, and Bailey Cahall, Special to CNN updated 4:54 PM EDT, Fri August 2, 2013   STORY HIGHLIGHTS Bergen, Cahall: U.S. issued global travel alert, 21 embassies, consulates close Aug. 4 That day is Ramadan ‘Night of Power,’ also seen by al-Qaeda as […]

Jihadists focus on prison breaks By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst, and Bailey Cahall, Special to CNN updated 2:53 PM EDT, Wed July 31, 2013 Taliban claims responsibility for raid STORY HIGHLIGHTS A Taliban commander leads prison attack in Pakistan, freeing 250 inmates Peter Bergen: Jihadists have conducted jailbreaks in Middle East and South […]


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"We Got Him": President Obama, Bin Laden, and the Future of the War on Terror, CNN