Saturday, April, 25, 2020

Annapolis Book Festival, Annapolis MD

The Annapolis Book Festival  2020 is adding authors by the day! Here are some of the growing numbers:

Peter Bergen, Jeff Eggers, Janet Hibbs, Garrett Graff, Angie Kim, Chris Wilson, Iris Krasnow, Laura Kamoie, Tope Folarin,Marty Makary, Jason Redman, Ben Westoff, Anthony Rostain, Andrea Chamblee for John McNamara, and Steve Luxenberg,

They will be discussing topics ranging from the Trump White House, leadership, a history of 9/11, fiction about the French Revolution, high school basketball in DC, reflections on summer camp, the opioid crisis, student stress in college, a look at Plessy v. Ferguson, a novel about a Nigerian family trying to assimilate to a life in Utah, and a journey from prison to purposeful life.