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Wednesday, May 24, 2023 GHOSTS OF BEIRUT: SHOWTIME

Peter Bergen was the correspondent and a producer.

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020 THE LONGEST WAR, SHOWTIME

Peter Bergen was a producer

Wednesday, Jan 09, 2019 THE ROAD TO 9/11, HISTORY

Peter Bergen was a consultant.

Tuesday, Jan 08, 2019 SIX, HISTORY

Peter Bergen was a consulting producer.

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017 LEGION OF BROTHERS, CNN Films

Bergen was producer, premiered at Sundance and was broadcast on CNN. The film was nominated for an Emmy in 2018.

For this documentary, in addition to speaking with President Barack Obama in his first sit-down interview in the Situation Room, Bergen also conducted the first in-depth interview with the architect of the bin Laden raid, Admiral William H. McRaven.

Bergen is executive producer and the film is based on his book “United States of Jihad” A new HBO documentary takes a look at the changing face of terrorism in the U.S. almost fifteen years after 9/11. Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma, which premieres on Feb. 8, is the latest HBO documentary from Gregory Barker, who […]

Media Coverage and Reviews for “American War Generals” September 11, 2014 “War Generals of Today”: Blunt Talk from the Battlefield USA Today “American War Generals…. differs from what we normally read or see about the current wars. Today’s generation of generals talk candidly about prosecuting ambiguous wars with often-flawed strategies.” September 10, 2014 ‘Generals’ dissects […]

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